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Crazy Owl - Your Skin Co. launches #CrazySelfLove campaign for Valentines' 2023

by Our Corresspondent - Feb 05, 2023
Crazy Owl - Your Skin Co. launches #CrazySelfLove campaign for Valentines' 2023, News, KonexioNetwork.com

~The campaign emphasises on loving oneself before anything else~

To emphasise on the importance of Self Love, Crazy Owl - Your Skin Co. launches #CrazySelfLove Pledge campaign this Valentine's Day. Through this campaign, the brand encourages its customers to love themselves and celebrate love by focusing on themselves and indulging in the pampering they deserve. Crazy Owl is running a giveaway contest for the audience and a lucky winner will get an exclusive Self-Love Pamper Kit.

Crazy Owl, a personal care brand, believes in all-inclusive beauty and creates gender-fluid, vegan, and cruelty-free products. The brand offers a diverse range of products, including hair care, perfumes, body sprays, bath and body products, and curated gifting sets. This Valentine's Day, when every brand will emphasise their products/services as the ideal gift for their partner, Crazy Owl wishes to take a different approach that prioritises self-love over all else. As a result, the brand created content and held a giveaway centered on self-love and self-care, utilising its Self Love Pampering Kit.

Crazy Owl is a luxurious, mindfully crafted brand on a mission to deliver clean, sustainable products that perform to the highest standards. Every scoop, spritz, and slather is a sensorial and sensational experience that can transform your hair, body, and skin. Self-love is essential for our overall health, it is seeing yourself as fundamentally worthy, good, valuable, and worthy of happiness. Most of us have spent our lives seeking the approval and validation of others but the truth is that if we can't accept ourselves, we can't expect others to.

This Valentine's Day, with #CrazySelfLove Pledge, we will all pledge to prioritise ourselves and celebrate the day by pampering and loving ourselves.

Talking about the brand and the campaign, Damanjit Kohli and Karishma Sahni, Founders of Crazy Owl, shared, “With our hectic lifestyle, everyone requires some self-care. So why not make Valentine's Day a therapy session? This year, we decided to take a different approach to love and Valentine's Day by prioritising and pampering ourselves first  because we all deserve it. We believe that where there is self-love, there is endless happiness.”