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Niyo Redefines Travel Banking in India with New Brand Positioning – ‘The Niyo Way to Travel’

by Our Corresspondent - Apr 12, 2024
Niyo Redefines Travel Banking in India with New Brand Positioning – ‘The Niyo Way to Travel’, News, KonexioNetwork.com

Bengaluru: Niyo, India’s leading travel banking fintech has unveiled its new brand positioning, "The Niyo Way to Travel," marking a significant step towards revolutionizing the travel-banking ecosystem in India. This strategic move reflects Niyo's commitment to providing innovative financial solutions tailored to modern travellers, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free banking experience.

Niyo’s flagship offerings are international cards with zero forex markup for international transactions, free ATM cash withdrawals worldwide and exclusive global lounge access across 1300 plus locations outside India. With acceptance in 180 countries, these cards, which are issued by partner banks available on the Niyo app, are highly versatile for global usage. Additionally, the Niyo app provides efficient visa application assistance, ensuring travellers obtain visas promptly and efficiently.

In addition to these flagship offerings, Niyo aims to enhance the travel experience with a new visa booking feature that ensures on-time visa delivery for customers. Together with a complete suite of travel services such as comprehensive travel insurance for added peace of mind, doorstep forex services for convenient currency exchange, and upcoming UPI services (domestic active, international shortly) to facilitate seamless transactions, Niyo aims to provide a best in class and seamless experience for travellers.

Vinay Bagri, Co-founder and CEO, Niyo expressed his enthusiasm about the brand's evolution, emphasizing, “'The Niyo Way to Travel’ encapsulates our new vision of making travel easy, affordable, and hassle-free for new-age travellers. It represents a paradigm shift in the way we perceive travel banking. Our new positioning stems from the realization that travel as a category has not evolved with the changing needs of customers. We want to challenge the status quo by providing a full suite of products and services that redefine the codes of travel. To establish this, we have brought in a refreshing approach to our brand through a new visual world known as ‘Dreamscapes’ which is centered around bringing alive limitless travel experiences. This is supported by a 360 integrated brand campaign centered around IPL with new TVCs that bring alive the key benefits that Niyo offers together with a strong social and creator content.”

Bagri believes that 'The Niyo Way to Travel' will redefine the current landscape of tech-enabled travel solutions, transforming Niyo into the quintessential one-stop travel partner.

“Most of the travellers start as first-time international travellers and have continued to stay with us for their subsequent travel. Our target audience includes international and domestic leisure travellers aged 24-40 years, seeking a modern and elevated travel experience. With a strong focus on different traveller personas such as solo travellers, independent group travellers, families and experience-led travel enthusiasts, we aim to cater to the diverse needs of today's experienced travellers and early intenders,” Bagri added.