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The Increasing role of digital media in rebranding

by Prabhakar Tiwari (Chief Growth Officer, Angel One Ltd)
Sep 24, 2021
The Increasing role of digital media in rebranding, Market, KonexioNetwork.com

Every big organization, especially legacy brands, undergo rebranding at some point in their business journey. However, the reasons can range from aiming to expand and grow to strike the right chord with the new generation, and introducing new services. Rebranding can be as small as a change in the logo/name or a complete transformation into a new avatar.

Since rebranding is a big exercise and requires a lot of attention to detail for a smooth and successful transition, it is important to tap all mediums and communicate the message loud and clear. Nowadays, one of the most important and successful mediums in reaching out to people with your message is digital media. It has become an essential part of everyday life and hence, a crucial way for any business to reach out to people.

Besides news websites and blogs, there are multiple ways to communicate on digital media. However, today, social media is one of the fastest ways to reach audiences instantly. Therefore, it should top the list while strategizing rebranding communication. Research the policies of social media handles, especially if you’re deciding to rework the name. However, rather than just directly changing the name or the logo, engage the audience with the content around rebranding.  Engage them in the process to ensure they feel part of it, and keep them updated about the same leading up to the big day. Not only will it create a buzz, but it will also keep the customers hooked and waiting for the rebranding launch.

Another important aspect of using social media for rebranding is visual communication. Make sure to use relevant visuals to target the right audience as it creates a perfect picture of what you want your viewers to see. It’s all about making a connection. One of the recent trends that no business should miss out on, is involving social media influencers. Considering their reach and following, rebranding promotions by them can do wonders for the company’s social media presence.      

We know social media has bridged the gap between brands and audiences. Direct communication builds a deeper and stronger connection. Thus, positively taking consumer feedback during the rebranding process and working on it can help the company flourish. It builds a positive reputation among audiences, trusts you better, and takes you more seriously. After you have identified the social media platforms and strategized visual branding, incorporate company culture and values in the rebranding content to make it more authentic. You can also involve your employees for a wider reach.

Social media, undoubtedly, has a lot of benefits for businesses. It is all about identifying the correct strategies and using the right platforms along with an apt understanding of your audiences. Once your content is viral, people will look up the brand, try to find more about it, and gradually become a part of it. So rebranding activities on social media will not only help you build trust with your existing client base but will also help you gain new customers as well.