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Path to progress... PradhanMantri Balika Anudan Yojana (PMBAY 2021)

by Madhavi Mihir Bhuta (National Executive Member, BJP Mahila Morcha)
Jun 06, 2021
Path to progress... PradhanMantri Balika Anudan Yojana (PMBAY 2021), Knowledge, KonexioNetwork.com

The Hindu and Hindustani cultures have been Devi worshippers.

We idolize Ma Durga or Ma Kali as a form of strength. Devi Lakshmi portrays Wealth and Affluence and Ma Saraswati symbolizes Knowledge, Education, and Wisdom. Hindu religion and Hindustani culture revere the innocent devoted affection of Radha and dedicated support of Rukmani, Fiery inspiration of Draupadi and Wisdom and Knowledge of Gargi, Courageous Patriotism of Rani Laxmibai and Ahilyabai Holkar. All these great honorable women are the daughters of our great nation.

Our nation remained under foreign rule for almost 800 + years and the foreign rule implicated different cultural values and religious beliefs. As a result, the esteemed veneration towards women witnessed change and women became a victim of ill customs like Purdah, Dowry, Female Infanticide, etc.

Over time, the political turbulence resulted in a whirlwind change in the prevailing social fabric of society. But, the women were still kept within the four walls of her home, subjected to be homebound and maintain the distance from the outside world.

The British rule brought exposure to the world of Education and Information but the process of inculcating it in women was extremely slow and its penetration till the lowest strata of society was rather imperceptive. Till very recently, a  daughter’s birth was considered a curse in many caste and creed.

The data as per the Sample Registration Survey (SRS), indicates 896 female birth per 1000 male childbirth in 2014. Few states like Haryana, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh had an alarming decline in the female childbirth ratio. Dwelling on the cause for such a situation that would tarnish the equilibrium of healthy demographic fabric, the most significant reason for lesser girl childbirth is pointed towards prevailing customs, norms, and way of living that has become a tradition for the last few hundred years.

The Dowry system had become such a hazard for a girl child’s parents that their entire life’s saving and their funds would be utilized in getting a girl child married with hefty Dowry. Such an onerous condition exploded in several female infanticides and those belonging to the deprived class chose to keep their daughters unmarried.

To eradicate such ill-defining norms and stimulate healthy and deferential status to women, Narendra Modi led the Government to implement an ambitious mission of awareness of “Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao” in 2015. Taking the initiative further, the Hon. Prime Minister initiated PradhanMantri Balika Anudan Yojna (PMBAY) for providing Fund for marriage expense of daughter of BPL families.

This Yojna would provide financial assistance of Rs.50,000/- to BPL families, whose income is not more than 15,000/- per annum. 

The benefits of this scheme are limited to BPL families only.

The marriageable daughter should be legally an adult, of 18 years of age.

The adopted daughter would also be considered eligible for being a beneficiary.

Generally, under PMBAY, only one daughter is eligible for being beneficiary but the second daughter becomes eligible if there are only two off-springs and both are daughters. Not more than two daughters can become eligible for the reaping benefit of the scheme.

The beneficiary should not have availed the benefit of any other Government scheme related to the marriage of daughters. The marriageable daughters of Widow mother from BPL background would also be eligible for getting this benefit.

The required documents for availing of these benefits are :

A) Aadhar Card of the daughter

B) Voter ID of Guardian

C) Details about Bank A/C of daughter

D) passport size photo

E) Wedding Card as proof

The beneficiary daughter should have an account in a Nationalised Bank. The aid fund would be transferred to the said account, directly. This scheme has been recently announced and is in the formation stage. The beneficiary will have to wait for a short while to reap its benefits. Rs. 50,000 may not appear a huge amount for wedding purposes but for the financially weak family, it would turn out to be crucial aid that would shed off the major burden. Moreover, it is a step on the path of empowering women.

Hon. The Prime Minister’s idea of governance is tipped with a human touch. All the daughters of Bharat feel ensured of affection and security with the Hon. Prime Minister’s fatherly warmth.