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Path to Progress...PradhanMantri Varun Mitra Yojna

by Madhavi Mihir Bhuta (National Executive Member, BJP Mahila Morcha)
Apr 30, 2021
Path to Progress...PradhanMantri Varun Mitra Yojna, Knowledge, KonexioNetwork.com

Bharat has the second largest population in the world after China. The nation, with the 135 Crore plus population is demographically young. Bharat’s 50% population is below the age of 25 and 65% population is below the age of 35. Such a youthful population requires vast numbers of jobs.

The previous UPA Government has initiated MNREGA Yojna in 2005, which aimed at providing a livelihood for at least 100 days of job employment. It mainly provided labor jobs for building infrastructure, roads, etc.

In my opinion, providing such a job does not enhance human growth. No person involved in work under MGNREGA can ever fulfill his dream and grow in his life, expediting his interest and hidden talent. All that it provides, is the life of the bare minimum.

Narendra Modi Ji, having risen from scratch has witnessed the common man’s aspirations and his struggle to fulfill them. Hence, Modi Ji did not restrict the youth to MGNREGA employment but initiated a scheme to provide unemployed youth and those with insufficient income to avail training in their chosen field as per their skill and get employment.

In 2019, in Modi 2.0, Hon. Prime Minister launched PradhanMantri Varun Mitra Yojna to provide free of cost training and employment in 2019, under the Ministry of MNRE and operated by NISE.

The training period is of three weeks. The training is imparted in 

1) Solar Resource Assessment

2)Standalone Solar Water Pumping

3) Installation of Grid

4) Site Visibility

5) Battery

6) Inverter

7) D T Converter

8) Renewable Energy

9) Motors

10) Water Table

11) Pump Motor

12) Solar Photovoltaic

13) Solar Water Pumping Component

The total training would be given for 120 hours. Apart from classroom training practicals, field visits and industrial visits would also be done. The training will be given for free but those wanting the hostel facility would have to pay 600/- per day.

The applicant has to be a Bharatiya citizen, living in any state or Union territory.

Only the unemployed can avail the benefit of this scheme. Those already employed in any job are not eligible for this scheme. At the time of registration and in training the applicant must have Aadhar Card, Voter ID, or Driving License as the identity proof.

The maximum benefit from the training provided under this scheme would be available to young I&C diploma holders, Graduate Engineers, and Solar project owners. For an online application under PM Varun Mitra Scheme, the registration form can be availed from the official website.

The essential documents for registering are a copy of the Aadhar Card, Residence proof, Qualification details, and Contact details. The Government has created a helpline.

(0124)2853-039/99997-25683/ 98181-56427

The official Email ID-varunmitra.nise@gmail.com/startups.nise@gmail.com

Kishor, a young man living in a small village near Jhansi in Uttar Pradesh had perceived dream of getting an Engineering degree and getting a respectable position. Even though he had to travel few kilometers away every day to seek higher education, his enthusiasm and dedication did not deter.

After finishing his education, he began searching for a suitable job...

But he was unfortunate in getting an affirmative repliesDetailsobs he had applied for.Amidst disappointment, he started considering the option of becoming road-building labor as he didn’t wish to be a burden on his aging parents, who had spent a fortune getting him a higher education.

Just then, he got the information of PradhanMantri Varun Mitra Yojna. Kishor immediately applied for its training and post-training secured flourishing employment opportunities.

Hon. Prime Minister does not count growth of country only in increasing GDP.

Along with ascending GDP, the precious satisfaction gained by a person from his profession has value uncountable. And, Narendra Modi Ji’s idea of governance is adding to the gratification of Common Man in the journey of making Bharat the leader of the world.