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Vibes @ Swadheenta

by Manisha Maheshwari (Working as a partner at Bhandari & Associates, Practicing Company Secretary firm.)
Aug 24, 2020
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FREEDOM.. Is it taking up the career of your choice? Is it staying at a place of your comfort? Is it taking up own decisions? Is it managing your own finance? These are the common answers we get for the question - what is freedom for you. Although the rationale for freedom varies from person to person, there are many other dimensions which could be considered as a state of being free. Let’s begin the journey…. 

Although we freely walk around in our physical state of being but when it comes to our mental or emotional presence, we often get trapped by others thoughts. Perhaps thought is the most potent and powerful force. Thoughts not only have potency for the person thinking the thoughts but they also have the power to influence the people at whom they are directed. To get caught by someone’s thought is the state of unfree mind and we may then lack freedom of our mental being. 

Most of times we wait for the approval by someone to feel the sense of accomplishment. We consider the worth of an achievement only if noticed and appreciated by others. The state of happiness, sadness, jealousy, anger, excitement comes out only from people’s opinion and perception. So why to hold back yourself by the negative thoughts and expectations of anyone? Awareness of our conscious state of mind and realizing that the ultimate source of happiness and peace is in our own self may be the real freedom of our emotional and intellectual existence.

Kuch toh log kahenge… logon ka kaam hai kehna’. The moment we see or hear something, we tend to be judgemental about it. People often think about the social tags that may be pinned upon for making our own choices and we then end up taking unfree decisions. Actions and reactions go parallel. It will be either our reactions on others actions or others reactions on our actions. Just as we need to practice to be more self-aware and less judgemental to enjoy the social freedom, we can also practice not to give such tags to others too which will in turn give us the experience of this freedom in dual sense. Freedom is also not ending up being judgemental spontaneously. We should aspire to be free from such impulsive habits too. 

Well, who doesn’t want to feel like 16s even in their 60s. So, isn’t it important to dedicate some time to care of our own selves, our physical being, our eating habits to remain fit and healthy? We might not know the future conditions that we may face as we grow old but adhering to a healthy lifestyle without waiting for others attention is a wonderful way to celebrate our physical freedom. 

Sometimes doing things for yourselves benefit others more then you. If we have positive vibes, so shall we spread to others. We can apply the theory of ‘GIVE MORE TO GET MORE’. Underlying this Freedom lies a stronger and purer self with the ecstatic energy to live life to the fullest. 

Do it for you and celebrate the Swadheenta within….which will perhaps reflect in our thoughts, words and deeds.