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by Manisha Maheshwari (Working as a partner at Bhandari & Associates, Practicing Company Secretary firm.)
Jul 04, 2020
VIBES on T…I…M…E, Article, KonexioNetwork.com

TIME…..our very own existence and the only consistent element in our life. From childhood…to adulthood to we grow old and till the time we exist. Every second is constant for everyone throughout the life. A most beautiful gift by God to everyone without distinguishing between anyone.

TIME, although its consistency of flow for each of us is the same, our buckets are of different sizes. We all have 60 seconds in a minute, 60 minutes in an hour and 24 hours in a day. Regardless of who we are, a celebrity or a common man, irrespective of place, situation and moments. TIME in itself is so complete in its existence right from the moment we have been blessed with it. It shares various relationships with us and gives us different experiences throughout our journey. 

Time is Friend…., so is Enemy….. It rejoices us with happy and joyful moments. It gives us memories to be cherished lifelong. At times there are sad and painful moments as well in our life. That very moment we see time standing just in front of us but on the opposite side. Time gives us joy…Time gives us sorrow…whatever the case maybe it never disconnects from us. It gives us strength to deal with every aspect of our life. 

TIME is Teacher….. It teaches the best lessons of LIFE on its own without any curriculum and enriches our experience as we grow. In fact we get this knowledge not only from our life but also from many others around us. It teaches us things we could have never prepared for…. 

TIME is Student…. It silently observes everything we do and keep studying every changing circumstances. Change is in its very nature just like the syllabus of student changing year on year. 

Time is Medicine…. It heals many of our physical and emotional ailments by just passing over it. (don’t we say…. Waqt ke sath sab theek ho jata hai…) Things change with time. 
Time is Money….. We need to spend it so wisely as we can get more money but we cannot get more time. We all know time once gone is gone forever. But making the most out of it is certainly what we can do. Ultimately, its not about having time, its about making time. Spending time in reading, walking, painting, dancing --- the things that slow down time for us can allow us to value it more. 

Time is Reserve….. Well, wastage of any reserve is not only harmful to you but also to the society as a whole. So does it apply to time, be it yours or others. In other words, valuing someone’s time may be equal to giving respect to the individual. As rightly said, respect a person as ‘I AM’ and not as ‘I am ………….. (great person). A little realisation by oneself may give us the best results.

Time is Gift…. Many times, we keep wondering or get confused when it comes to present or gift any person. Well take a moment and consider the gift of time to your loved ones. When we give time to others, we are giving the very own part of our life. Gifting time to loved ones will definitely make you happy but sometimes gifting time to someone who needs it or any unknown person by doing some seva may reach you to divinity and you may not even know that your gift of time may act as a boon to the person and bless you beyond belief.   
Now let’s do one activity to experience the extent time in terms of measurement and find out different wavelengths of time. 
  •   Watch a video on you tube or netflix – 10 minutes.
  •   Talk to a person you always avoid to talk – 10 minutes.
  •   Sit with closed eyes – 10 minutes. (must do if never done earlier even if skipped any of the above)
It’s all 10 minutes, but everytime the experience is so different. Time seems like running quickly while we do the first activity. While we keep thinking on what next to talk or just to shut down while we are doing the second one. While we keep looking over the timer with one eye little open for the next one, may be again and again if doing for the first time. While we sit with our eyes closed, 10 minutes seems to be long enough to get us millions of thoughts flashing our mind. That’s the experience we get from time. For each activity, time plays the character so well and show its power.  

Time is Hollow…. Sometimes we are physically not occupied but every now and again our mind keeps running with some thoughts. Is it necessary to always do something and be occupied in doing something or the other. Don’t we feel sometimes to do nothing. …..no work, no entertainment, no outing, no thoughts…just nothing. Experiencing this may relax us for a while and rejuvenate with a bounce back for the way ahead. Its well said, ‘Sometimes we don’t realise the weight of something we’ve been carrying until you feel the weight of its release’. 

A lot has changed in the last few months, our interactions, our work, our relationships, many sectors and places have slowed down too, but time is running, so do we, always trying to race with it. The difference is, time runs along with a definite purpose and power and we forget that often. 
Well, we must have read and watched many disciplinary principles for time management and may have even applied few of them or atleast tried to do so. But this dictionary is allowing you to have your own set of thoughts and meanings to create TIME as your own acronym. So why not start now and find out. You may share back your thoughts and descriptions you create ….

The clock is ticking even while I am writing this and while you are reading this. The time will pass anyway. Slow down and feel your existence here on this earth and while we continue to progress in our journey of life, it is important to revisit the very fundamentals of your presence. The best part is we still have our bucket with us and there is still time for you to be who you want to be. So lets be grateful about this and witness the various Forms of TIME with much more energy, power, courage, joy and happiness. 

  Let’s go back to your loved ones to bridge the gap, mend the crack as TIME will heals everything coming on its way. 
  Let’s take up that one ever wanting activity or dream, as TIME will guides to achieve it. 
  Let’s go a little beyond from our systematic thoughts and wish for greater dreams, TIME will push with its power.
  Let’s help someone selflessly, TIME will earn you its blessings. 

Choice is OURS…!!!!! Thank you for your time on reading this…!!!!